Power Spray Jet ™ Portable Paint Sprayer

Designed with DIYers and home improvement enthusiasts in mind, the Power Spray Jet ™ Portable Paint Sprayer offers a hassle-free alternative to traditional painting methods. Say goodbye to drips, streaks, and uneven coverage – with the Portable Paint Sprayer, achieving professional-quality results has never been easier.

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  • Marie L.

    Was very easy to use, puts perfect coat on the furniture. One of my latest projects in the pic. Makes life easier spraying and not brushing or milling it on. Also worked great for polyurethane too!!

  • Jones J.

    This is a great product. I did not have any issues with it clogging, and it was easy to use and clean. I used it to paint a piece of furniture, and was super pleased with the end result

  • Jessica K.

    What I liked about the power spray jet is the sturdy design, it’s very easy to setup and use. Good for painting ceilings, fences, cabinets and walls. Good value for your money and it makes a great gift, it’s a good addition to any garage.

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